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Spill Response

Most businesses have a link with the environment and every year in the UK there are thousands of environmental pollution incidents caused by the spillage of materials such as oils, chemicals, trade effluents, sewage and some less obvious but highly polluting substances such as milk, beer and yoghurt.

These spillage incidents, unless managed, can lead to serious business interruption, reputational damage, increased insurance premiums and heavy fines. The impact of these incidents could be minimised by having our UKSpill Accredited Spillage Response teams available to respond to your spillage incident 24/7. The easiest way to do this is to sign up to our 123 Spill Response membership scheme.

In over 8,000 incidents we have NEVER had a client prosecuted for causing pollution where OHES managed the initial response.

Where environmental damage has occurred we are able to carry out full investigations into the extent of damage and devise and execute risk driven remediation programmes supported by full validation and site restoration. Our Ecology team are able to support major incidents where there has been damage to habitat.

Better still is to prevent an incident from occurring in the first place our Spill Protect product containing a suite of products for spill prevention & management.

We are an enormously credible partner with proven expertise. Our Managing Director, Stewart Ower is the current chairman of the UK Spill Association, was a contributing author to the Fire & Rescue Service Operations Manual on Environment Protection and developed the UK Environment Agencies Pollution Prevention Guidance note PPG21 Incident Response Planning.

Spill Response Case Studies

Property Front

Diesel Spill at Hotel - Cotswolds


Spillage response instruction received from clients when a tank valve had been wrongly set prior to a delivery of diesel being made, resulting in a spill within a tank room located beneath an accommodation complex.

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Stained Tarmac

Cooking Oil Spill - Clevedon


Response instruction received from client following a cooking oil spill on a driveway to a restaurant. The spillage made access to the restaurant treacherous and it was likely that customers and deliveries would be inconvenienced or turned away.

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Agricultural Fuel Oil Spill - Norfolk


Spillage response instruction received from client following an overfill of diesel to a 10,000 litre bounded tank on a farm.

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